Hello! I’m Faith and welcome to the new Faith’s Take website!

Time to start a new chapter!

     For those who are still unaware, YouTube has been treating its creators rather terribly over the last couple of years, and it’s only getting worse. The most recent event that has personally affected me was the uncalled for copyright claim on my most recent video: My Rifftrax Troll 2 Review. So, I finally decided to pull the trigger and create my own site, where I won’t have to worry about robots and computers automatically claiming anything.

     I’ll still be posting all of my videos (that don’t get unfairly claimed) on YouTube. However, this site is both a backup, as well as, a place where I can make any special announcements. I’ll be able to make text updates, so I don’t have to rely on only having 140 characters on Twitter or clogging your YouTube subscription boxes with update videos.

     While I briefly considered trying one of the other video posting sites, I decided I wanted all the power in my own hands, so to speak. I figured for my purposes a small, personal site would work just fine. Now, when YouTube finally folds in on itself, my content will be perfectly safe in a place where everyone can still come and enjoy it! Make sure to bookmark the site and check in for updates from time to time!

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