Hello! I’m Faith and welcome to the Faith’s Take website where I’ll be posting anything and everything that I find interesting! Here’s where I’ll be posting all of my videos, blog posts, and whatever other interesting little tidbits that come to mind. A lover of MST3K, Rifftrax, Disney, The Muppets, Star Wars, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many more random fandoms, most of my content is made up of my reviews and thoughts about all of them, whether it be tremendous praise or harsh criticism. 

After simply having a YouTube channel, I got fed up with the terrible way they treat creators and decided to take measures into my own hands. While I still post most of my videos on YouTube, all those same videos, along with some extra content, will be going on this website. I’m just a quirky 22-year-old Missourian who loves making fun, entertaining content and sharing and discussing it with those who love the same things. So, come join me in all my wonderful interweb adventures! Thank you, won’t you?


Shoot me an email at faithstake@gmail.com

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